Friday, July 12, 2013

How To Wear Bright Lipstick

You see bright lipstick colors popping up all over and so many of us are shy to give this trend a try. This article gives you three easy and flawless tips for wearing bright lipstick. Banish that wall flower fear with these tips on bringing bright power to your pout.

1. All bright colors are not created equal
Choose a color that compliments your skin tone.
If you have Fair skin with cool undertones look for pinks with a blue undertone.
Medium skin with warm undertones can rock bright orange and melon colors well.
Dark skin can carry many bright colors especially pinks and plums.

2. Keep your eye make up simple to focus on the lips
If you really want people to focus on the bright lipstick you summed up the courage to wear, then keep your eye make up more neutral.

3. Refrain from over layering the bright lipstick
Many of the bright lipsticks on the market are very potent with pigment, so there is no real need to apply more than on or two layers.

To see how I rocked the bright color Hot Plum from Maybelline's Vivid line view this video. You never know it may inspire you to try a bright color too!

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