Wednesday, February 27, 2013

DIY Pearl Collar

No sew pearl collar DIY, How to add Pearls to a shirt with a collar.

Hi Chic peeps (short for people :)
Chicters, I was shopping recently and saw a fabulous mint blouse with a studded collar that I adored; however I did not adore the price tag. The blouse had pearls and small metal studs at the bottom end of the collar; this was the only embellishment I assume that brought the price tag up so high. Well, I thought to myself 'There is no way I am paying that, I can get this look for less.' This thought led to this DIY; the possibilities are endless.

What you would need:
A collared shirt
Fabric Glue
Self Adhesive Pearl stickers (Find these in the Stationery or sticker section at Craft stores)

Watch the video and see how easy this really is.

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