Monday, February 11, 2013

DIY Pearl Bracelets in Pastel Colors

The trend of pastel colors continues and so does stacking your bracelets in multiples. Chic Design Cafe has combined both of these trends in an oh so easy do it yourself project. You only need a few items to start and the steps are so simple.

The Project Breakdown:
1. You will need: Stretch Magic Jewelry Cord (available at craft stores), Colored glass or real pearls, Scissors and Tape.
2. Wrap the Stretch Magic cord around your wrist at least 1 and a half times.
3. Cut the cord at that point.
4. Tape one end of the cord down unto your work surface. This prevents beads from sliding off.
5. Begin to string the beads until you have about a inch and a half on either end of bracelet.
6. Remove the tape from work surface and bracelet end carefully, and tie your first knot. Repeat 4 times.
Trim off excess cord and you are done. Fabulous and easy stackable bracelets.

If you prefer to follow by video see below:

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