Sunday, February 10, 2013

DSW Give Away- Win a $40 Gift Card

Hello Chicters, I have indulged myself in two pairs of shoes from retailer DSW and I want to share my joy through a giveaway. My original intent was to only buy one pair of shoes but DSW had some nice items on clearance as well as regular price so I just could not resist.

Take a look at the items I purchased as well as how the shoes were styled. If it inspires you please enter the give away for a chance to win a $40 gift card to DSW.

See the video below:

Entering the Contest is easy:
1.You must subscribe to Chic Design Cafe on YouTube and like Chic Design Cafe on Facebook.
2.Make a comment on this video on how you would wear colored or patterned shoes.
3.Make the same comment on the DSW Give Away blog post on

Contest Ends:
February 11, 2013 and the winner will be posted in a video Wednesday February 13, 2013.
The winner will be chosen at Random.


  1. Nelly Enchanting

    How you would wear Shoe one colored or patterned shoes? I would style it with a pastel or minty colored Jacket
    a Basic top white or minty
    Some sexy perfectly fitted skinny jeans
    and some nice classy jewelry diamonds, or pearls
    Facebook: Nelly enchanting williams

  2. How you would wear colored or patterned shoes?
    a Basic top
    a Cute stylish adorable minty or pastel colored cardigan
    a Highwaisted Pencil skirt
    and some nice classy jewelry

  3. Valentine's Day is coming up so
    How I would wear colored or patterned shoes?
    a black and elegant tube top underneath
    a white and fabulous blazer with a black belt around the waist
    black leggings
    pair with some cute and unique red pumps
    topped off with some statement piece jewelry

  4. How I would wear colored or patterned shoes?
    a green or light blue regular/basic top
    i would tuck the shirt in a pencil skirt
    and wear some cute erring and necklace
    no earrings that hang though.

  5. How I would wear colored or patterned shoes?
    a green minty shirt or light pink shirt
    some minty colored skinny jeans or leggings
    and a nice jewelry set

  6. how i would wear Shoe Two?
    A Pink or gold shimmery Dress
    a nice clutch
    and some nice Diamond necklace and earrings set.

  7. i subscribe as elle jee. i like on FB as elle jee.
    i would wear colored or patterned shoes with a simple, solid-colored bodycon dress. (the LBD comes to mind, though solid white dresses look good too.) i'd also pair my outfit with a gold arm cuff and chandelier earrings.
    thank you so much for the generous giveaway!

  8. I would wear colored shoes with a simple black A-line dress

  9. How I would wear colored or patterned shoes?
    a tank top
    a blazer
    a pencil skirt
    and some jewelry

  10. How I would wear colored or patterned shoes?
    a green or teal top
    some colored skinny jeans
    a jacket/blazer
    and your best Smile :)