Thursday, January 31, 2013

Great Hair Cuts for Fine Hair

I have fine hair and I have been so frustrated with my hair so many times. With time however what I  found is if you are always fighting what you have you will always be frustrated. Currently, I am trying to see how long I can grow out my fine hair; but this is after I got a great cut that promoted  healthier hair. I was being so negative toward my hair by what I said and did that it showed.  Finally one day I just decided to cut it.

So what did I do personally for me... I went with a Bob. It turned out great and built the foundation for me to start toward better hair care and more positive steps to working and loving what I have.

If you have fine hair you can grow it long with care; but if you want to cut it there are a few great cuts that compliment this hair texture well.

Here are 4 Great Hair Cuts for Fine Hair:

Great Haircuts for Fine Hair

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