Saturday, July 11, 2009

How to Wear a Fascinator

Fascinators are beautiful headpieces that become jewelry for the hair. The headpieces can be made with many materials including luxe materials such as pearls, crystals, feathers of all types and netting. Fascinators are used for substitutes to hats and also as a substitute to long veils for brides.

These beautiful headpieces can be worn in the following ways:

  • With hair down with one side swept up and fastened.

  • Pulled to the side in a soft bun

  • Even with and edgy haircut such as a bob

    Designs by Portobello

For a video on wearing fascinators click here.
The main goal is to enjoy this elegant headpiece, confidently knowing you are wearing something highly fashionable and different.

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  1. This is a great blog! I think I've changed my mind about a veil. I think I just want a fascinator! Where can I find the 'whichgoose' photo example?
    It was great working to find my dress! Hope to see you soon!