Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Indie Designer of the Week

This weeks indie designer is artist Paulette Insall. I first came across this artist on Blog Catalog.com and was impressed with the rich colors and whimsical composition of her pieces. Many of the subjects in her pieces seem to be in constant reflection. I am not certain of the source of their reflection, but viewing the art makes me want to participate in inner reflection and improvement. What a wonderful feeling to have after viewing art. Take a moment to view her art and what inspires her.

Artisit Statement:
My art is about the search for connection…to self, to like minded spirits, to family, and to God. The reason that most of my work depicts a sole woman is because these are the stories of my own personal search and the emotions they invoke within my soul. My hope is that the visual stories I create with my art, touch people from all walks of life and let them know that they are not alone…and find comfort in that knowing.

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