Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Designer Memory Sticks

Memory sticks or USB flash drives have become real nifty storage tools for techies, but why shouldn't these tools look cool as well. Designer USB Drives can really express personality as well. I decided to go on a hunt for Flash drives with a sleek or cool design; in doing so I found awesome designer memory sticks across the web that can have you storing files in style. Cheesy I know, but take a look.

 I found these below at Office Depot, just type in USB in the keyword search to browse many designs.

Emtec Looney Tunes USB 2.0 Flash Drive, 4GB, Bugs BunnyCenton DataStick Twist NFL USB Flash Drive, New Orleans Saints, 4GBAtiva® Flip-Top USB Flash Drive With ReadyBoost™, 4GB, Heart DesignCenton DataStick NASCAR USB Flash Drive, Tony Stewart Replica Car, 8GB

These were found at Micmoco.comhttp://www.mimoco.com/:
Hello Kitty® Fun In Fields MIMOBOT®C-3PO MIMOBOT®


  1. oh my god...these are too cute! I'm already known as a computer nerd...owning one of these would just reinforce it!

  2. Thanks for your comment Teardrop. I think these are fun too. Why not add design to something so functional, Right?